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Tour of Tibetan monks 2018 From Sera Jey monastery, Karnataka, India

Tibet Support Group Slovenia will host Himalayan Sacred Arts for Peace Tours’s in Slovenia in cooperation with Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling. This tour of Tibetan Buddhist monks from Sera Jey Monastery (Ngari Khangtsen) contains theatre shows and making a sand mandala.  Events will take place in Ljubljana and in Koper.

While art is typically used to express an individual’s emotions and feelings, Himalayan sacred art, through painting, sculpting, chanting, dance, etc. is used to dissolve ignorance, ego and self-cherishing by manifesting wisdom and compassion through meticulous ritual.

The ultimate aim of these Buddhist practices of the Great Vehicle is to benefit sentient beings. By introducing these sacred arts in a non-sectarian way, the monks hope to reach a greater audience in order to manifest the wisdom and compassion of the Himalayan culture with the world. Thus, their main purpose is to share and promote the wisdom and spirituality of the Himalayan people.

Other aims of this tour are to raise funds to build a new library, and as always, to raise funds for the daily necessities of monks in South India.

Making the Medicine Buddha sand mandala 
Sand Mandalas symbolically represent the palaces of a specific Buddha, His entourage and His enlightened activities. Mandalas are created by using coloured sand, and every aspect of the mandala has a symbolic meaning. The monks wil make the sand mandala of the Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla).

Three Tales of Ngari, a show for children and adults alike
In a wonderful and magical atmosphere, 6 monks, 3 musicians and 3 performers, with the assistance of a narrator, bring to life legends of this Himalayan region. We will hear about footsteps  of  the  yeti  in snow, and a magician who leaves his footprints in rock. We will also meet animals who speak the language of men, as well as other extraordinary beings. Trailer:

A workshop introducing the art of coloured sand mandalas
This workshop is suitable for children as from age 8 as well as adults. In two hour sessions, the monks present the ancient technique of Mandala creation. By rubbing against cones filled with coloured sand, the monks draw complex designs. The participants can practice the creation of simple designs, like a flower for example.


The monks will be in Slovenia from 20th to 24th of November 2018 (from Tuesday until including Saturday).

Making of the sand mandala of Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla).

  • From 20th until 23rd of November (Tuesday – Friday), each day from 9:30h until 18:00h and 24th of November (Saturday) from 9:30h until 11:00h.
  • Dissolution of mandala will be on Saturday at 11:00h.
  • Dharmaling Buddhist centre, Pavšičeva 41, Ljubljana.

Workshop – making of the sand mandalas

  • 23rd of November (Friday), at 17:00h, Dharmaling Buddhist centre,  Pavšičeva 41, Ljubljana
  • Registration in advance gsm: 040 125 512 or email: info@podpora-tibetu.org

Three Tales of Ngari, theatre performance with music, suitable also for children

Contact:  040 125 512

More information (here more events will be posted): https://www.facebook.com/pg/drustvozapodporotibetu/events/

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