TSG on Chinese interference in freedom of expression in Slovenia

Recently an exhibition about the Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling was opened in the City Museum of Ljubljana. Buddhism is historically connected with Tibet, consequently also Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling is connected with it, especially through various humanitarian projects. Like this the Tibetan flag, which signifies this connection, is also displayed in the City Museum.

The stated by itself shouldn’t be anything unusual, especially in a democratic state like the Republic of Slovenia. That’s why we were very surprised, when we found out that the Embassy of the Public Republic of China protested at the Slovene Ministry for foreign affairs because of the displayed Tibetan flag.

It is outrageous that China, which is “famous” for systematic oppression of human rights on its (and occupied Tibetan) territory, is trying to enforce its totalitarian methods also in the European Union.

Tibetan flag will of course remain at the exhibition, and we appeal to all the visitors to express their support for the freedom of expression also in the book of impressions. Beside that we expect that the Slovene authorities will sharply condemn the Chinese attempts to interfere in our sovereignity.

This email is send by the Slovene Tibet Support Group (TSG), since among its members there are also followers of the Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling, and the latter doesn’t want to deal with this sort of “politicizing”, while TSG was formed exactly with the purpose to support the rights of the Tibetans. Beside this we would like to emphasize also that TSG is a relatively new association, not to be mistaken for Charity Association Tibet.

More on the exhibition: http://www.mestnimuzej.si/stran/index.php?mode=showevent&submode=singular&id=235